Certificate Program in Supply Chain Management and Financing-1
As the world’s economy continues to grow, it is expected that the export and import to China as a major logistics center will become more important. This certificate course is specially designed to provide systematic training to middle level and front-line executives to advance their career in this area.

Designed for:
1) People working in the Import, Export, Audit, Credit, Risk & Compliance Departments
of banks
2) People working in logistics sourcing, shipping, finance or the accounting departments of Trading Companies
3) Owners of Trading Companies who would like to understand the risks in Supply Chain

The medium of instruction:
English (supplemented with Mandarin). Courses materials, mid-term assessment, and final examination will be in English

Admission requirements:
Applicant must

1) Be secondary school graduate
2) Possess two years or more years of working experience
3) Have a reasonable command of written and spoken English.

Structure of the Course:
 1)  Overview of Supply Chain

2)  Methods of Payment in International Trade
3)  Different Types of Documentary Credits
4)  How to examine documents under Documentary Credit
5)  All types of Import & Export Financing
            Mid Term Assessment  (Pass score 60%)
6)  Guarantee and Standby LC

7)  ICC Opinions and Docdex Decision
8)  Supply Chain Financing
9)  Legal Cases in International Trade
10) Fraud and Compliance Risks in Supply Chain.
            Final Examination   (Pass score 60%)

 Training hours
a) Classroom 20 hours (2 hours per each topic )

b) Self-study 30 hours Plus online studies

Training venue structure and date:
On Saturday from 9:00 to 1:00  (covers two modules in one day)

Date:    to be advised later
Place:   to be advised later

Training materials:
Available in a designated website once the participants have paid the fee.

Award of Certificate:
Attendant:               Must attend 70% of classroom training

Examination:          Must score 60% of test papers
(Certificate issued by the Company and relevant Institution)

Academic advancement
The candidates are eligible to apply for exemptions in one of the following programmes/subjects from Camden University, USA Bachelor degree of Banking Finance & Risk Management or Bachelor degree of Supply Chain Management Programs.

( Admission is to be recommended by the Lecturer based on the performance in the class on an individual basis entirely at the discretion of the University. The Company does not give any warranty and will not accept any liability regarding the above application.
It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize a qualification to which this course may lead. )

Application and fee :
Application deadline:

Commencement date:
Class venue:
Program fee:
(The program fee covers all the course materials and examination as well as registration     fee at Camden University, USA)

Application method :
Complete the attached application form or thru phones:

By cheque or cashier order to the order of EC Trade Consultants Ltd and mail to the following address:
Flat G 14/F Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, Kwai Chung, NT, Hong Kong.

Cancellation of Programme:
The Company reserves the right to cancel any programs in which cases a fee paid will be refunded

Lecturer Profile:
KK Yeung had been working in the Trade Finance Department for 38 years in JPMorgan Chase Bank, Hong Kong. The last position was Regional Trade Manager responsible for the operation of Trade Centers in all Asian Branches. Besides, he was also acted as Technical Adviser responsible to provide guidance to handle supply chain and structured trade transactions. After retirement, KK joined DBS Bank, Hong Kong for 3 years as Regional Trade Technical Adviser responsible to conduct training to upgrade the knowledge of the staff for all branches and providing guidance to resolve all issues related to ICC Rules.

Now KK is the Director of a consultant company, called EC Trade Consultants Ltd., focusing on offering e-Commerce and Commodity Trade solutions to corporate and institutional customers.

About us ( Course Organizers)
EC Trade Consultants Limited
Lincoln Innotech Education Limited
We offer a wide range of quality programs for professional practice, and self-development which anticipate and respond to community needs as well as to the effects of social and technological changes. Our professional development programs address corporate training needs.

Contact Persons :
     KK Yeung             kkyeung@econcultants.com.hk         852-98390038
     Tommy Ling       mitomling@gmail.com                        852-61698963

Certain(Part of ) Samples Course Contents /Coverage for Reference
2 Supply Chain How to examine docts under DC (1)
3 Supply Chain How to examine docts under DC
4 Supply Chain Different types of LCs
5 Supply Chain different types of Transport Docs (1)
6 Supply chain International Trade
7 Certificate Supply Chain